3D Headset Tours

Our tours will work on almost any headset that has access to the internet, although further optimisations can be made by pre-loading the tour on to them. We recommend wireless, stand alone headsets similar to the Meta Quest 2 or the Pico 4. These are more affordable and much more convenient to pick up and access your virtual tour.

Create A Truly Realistic Sense Of Space

To understand and appreciate the space we need to see it in stereo as that is how we perceive depth and make sense of the world. All of our headset tours use a pair of stereoscopic images for true 3D and a highly immersive experience.

‘Look & Load’

For easy user navigation.

Once a viewer is placed into a 3D environment we use a custom interface that allows them to choose the next viewpoint simply by looking at an onscreen hotspot. No hand controls are required to disturb the immersive experience and the navigation is intuitive.

VR Headset

Oculus Quest ready

We can preload your 3D tour onto a standalone headset and send direct to you and your clients. We also offer a monthly rental service for up to 12 months, at which point the headset would become yours.

Featured Project

Featured Project

Featured Project

Featured Project